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AQUASIL ( silicone-based, waterproof paint) 14kg, 25kg


                                                                                      AQUASIL paint is intended for painting mineral surfaces (concrete, cement-sand, lime and cement-lime), masonry made of silicate and red bricks for internal and external work.

AQUASIL is also used for painting mineral, acrylic, silicate and silicone decorative plasters, including when installing external facade insulation systems.

The coating obtained after applying the “Aquasil” paint is characterized by increased water repellent properties, high vapor permeability for water vapor, weather resistance, including in the industrial atmosphere, and a low tendency to contamination. It is ideal for painting historical buildings, reconstruction of facades of the 1950s-1970s  and new buildings where high aesthetics and durability of the coating are required.


Available in two bases for tinting.



The base must be smooth, dry, sufficiently strong, and free from all kinds of dirt and substances that reduce adhesion (dust, grease, lubricants, bituminous mastics, flimsy paint coatings, etc.). Flimsy, crumbling surface areas should be removed.

Areas of the surface affected by moss, algae or fungus should be cleaned with steel brushes and treated with a fungicide.

It is recommended to fill large cracks and imperfections on the base with a cement-based plaster solution. Treat the surface to be painted with E2 primer (see page 8-A-2).



Mix the paint thoroughly before use. Apply the paint on the prepared surface with a brush, roller or paint sprayer in 2 layers. Paint work should be carried out at a temperature not lower than 10 ° C.



For a single-layer coating of a pre-prepared surface 0.15-0.2 kg/m2.



1 hour at a temperature of + 20(+2)° C and relative humidity 65 (+5)%. Apply the next layer in 6 hours.



A mixture of silicone emulsions, acrylic latex, titanium dioxide, fillers, target additives.


Tested in the laboratory of Tego Chemie Service Gmbh (Germany).